Awaken – 昼与夜

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“Awaken – 昼与夜” is about been nearly thirty years since one small village was plagued by a mysterious string of events that shook it to its core. While the events were never fully understood, nor the mystery behind them solved, the stories surrounding the village slowly faded, drifting into obscurity amidst the steady passing of time. But when a new string of mysterious incidents begin to take place, memories long-forgotten begin to resurface, and this time, the villagers’ cries for help will not go unheard.

A legend among his peers, Do Jung Woo is the leader of one of the National Police Agency’s special task forces. While his outward appearance likens him more to an unruly child than a legendary officer, his keen insight and quick wit make him more than capable of solving any crime. After reports of numerous mysterious incidents begin to filter in, Jung Woo springs into action. But this isn’t a mystery he’s allowed to solve on his own. Working alongside Jung Woo, Officer Gong Hye Won refuses to let anything stand between her and what she wants.

Tenacious and hot-tempered, she’s determined to solve every case, by any means necessary, and this case is no exception. Joined by Jamie, a detective on loan from the FBI, Jung Woo and Hye Won set out to unravel the present mysteries of this small village. But they soon realize that the incidents of the present tie strongly to those of the past. Will this team of experts be able to solve a case nearly thirty years in the making?

此剧讲述因实验获得了非凡智力却情感缺失的孩子们,因为发现了26年前一宗疑问案件与当前的悬疑事件有关,从而聚在一起开展调查,并粉碎把他们当作工具使用的权势的阴谋,找寻作为普通人的真谛的过程。 南宫珉饰演搜查官都正宇一角,不仅有着自己独特的潮流风格,在警察厅被人称为“潮流恐怖分子”,而且非常擅长搜查,是个有才华的搜查官,他发现了26年前的事件与现在发生的事件有关联,是个寻找事件线索的关键人物。 金雪炫饰演首尔地方警察厅特搜组警卫孔惠媛。她资质很好也很漂亮,快言快语,外貌看上去是狐狸,但其实是熊。开朗、自信,是组里的体力、格斗、喝酒担当,为了搜查不介意方式方法,非常执着。 李清娥饰演FBI派遣的搜查官Jamie Layton一角,与都正宇一起调查案件的秘密。 尹善宇饰演神秘的工程师,他虽然看起来不善交际,有洁癖和强迫症,但实际上是在门户网站Modu执行隐秘任务的人物。

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Other Name: 낮과 밤 / Naggwa Bam / Night and Day
Release Date: 30 November 2020 – 19 January 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Crime, Investigation, TV Series, Korean Drama
Running Time: 16 Episodes
Director: Jo Soo Won (조수원)

Stars Cast
Namkoong Min (南宫珉, 남궁민) Do Jung Woo, 都正宇 (警正,首尔地方警察厅特搜组组长)
Kim Seol Hyun (金雪炫, 김설현) Gong Hye Won, 孔慧媛 (警卫,首尔地方警察厅特搜组组员)
Lee Chung Ah (李清娥, 이청아) Jamie Leighton (小时候被收养到美国的FBI派遣调查官)
Yoon Sun Woo (尹善宇, 윤선우) Moon Jae Woong, 文在雄 (门户网站“MODU”的工程师)

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