Nobody Knows – 无人知晓

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This drama “Nobody Knows – 无人知晓” is about Detective Young Jin, from the regional investigation unit, has only one thing on her mind: to catch the ‘Stigmata’ serial killer that murdered her friend 19 years ago. She carries guilt and trauma over the event. She has no friends and lives alone. Her downstair neighbor’s son, Eun Ho, has built a relationship with her ever since she moved above their apartment. He does menial house chores for her. One day he opens the door of the room he wasn’t supposed to.

Sun Woo, the former chairman’s son and the current chairman’s brother-in-law, is Eun Ho’s homeroom teacher. He feels something is wrong with Eun Ho.

该剧讲述女主角因为连环杀人案痛失最爱的朋友,时隔19年她再次追踪连环杀人案,揭发巨大的恶的真实面貌的故事。 金瑞亨饰演重案组刑警车英珍,是一个因为没有守护最爱的朋友而带着罪恶感和心理阴影的人物。 柳德焕饰演新星中学科学教师李善宇一角。他对学生倾注了多少的感情,就受到了多少的伤害,甚至更深。本意想要离开教团的他却在周围人的挽留和劝导下,来到了姐夫担任理事长的新星中学。在那里他遇到了内心多情温暖的孩子。

Other Name: 아무도 모른다 / Amudo Moleunda / No One Knows / Amoodo Moreunda
Release Date: 02 March 2020 – 21 April 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Detective, Investigation, Mystery, TV Series, Korean Drama
Running Time: 16 Episodes
Director: Lee Jung Heum (이정흠, 李政勋)

Stars Cast
Kim Seo Hyung (金瑞亨, 김서형) 车英真 (首尔地方员警厅 广域搜查队重案一组组长)
Ryu Deok Hwan (柳德焕, 류덕환) 李善宇 (信圣中学科学老师)
Park Hoon (朴勋, 박훈) 白尚浩 (韩生命财团理事长,千禧酒店代表)
Ahn Ji Ho (安智浩, 안지호) 高恩浩 (已经住在英珍楼下七年的少年,爸爸在他小时候因车祸身亡)

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