Oh My Baby

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This drama “Oh My Baby” is about Aged 39, Jang Ha Ri is the ultimate workaholic. She hasn’t even had a boyfriend in the past decade, long ago decided to forget about looking for love, and instead has thrown her energy into her career.

However, as she works as a senior reporter for a parenting magazine named “The Baby,” she is constantly reminded of the one thing she wants most in life – to have a baby of her own.

She decides to cut to the chase and try for a baby but wants to skip one key stage – and resolves not to marry.

But as she turns her mind to single parenthood, she suddenly realizes that she is surrounded by admirers: freelance photographer Han Yi Sang, super-smart pediatrician Yoon Jae Young, and the office newbie, the doting Choi Kang Eu Ddeum.

Could any of these three love candidates help Jang Ha Ri in her quest to become a mother?
And could her quest inadvertently send her on the path to true love?

《Oh My Baby》是一部讲述一个不想结婚只想生孩子的39岁单身女性,在决定放弃爱和结婚的时候寻找与出现在身边的3位男性之间的无理的幸福的电视剧。张娜拉在剧中饰演育婴杂志《The Baby》的次长张夏莉(音译),是一位已经10年以上与恋爱无缘的工作狂。为了得到人生中无法放弃的自己的孩子,开始挑战一些无理的事情。

Other Name: 오 마이 베이비 / O My Baby / Miseukaeseuting / Miss Casting
Release Date: 13 May 2020 – 02 July 2020
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Life, Family, Medical, TV Series, Korean Drama
Running Time: 16 Episodes
Director: Nam Ki Hoon (남기훈, 南基勋)

Stars Cast
Jang Na Ra (张娜拉, 장나라) 张夏莉 (39岁育婴杂志社的首席记者)
Go Joon (高俊, 고준) 韩伊尚 (抱持独身主义的摄影师)
Park Byung Eun (朴秉恩, 박병은) 尹在英 (多金的小儿科医生,出生在富裕之家)
Jung Gun Joo (郑干柱, 정건주) 崔江 (育婴杂志社广告组的新进社员)

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